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Ceramic Coating Service

Ceramic coating helps protects your vehicles paint it also helps to keep it clean, and makes it easier to clean It protects your paint from bad weather and preserving it to factory finish Ceramic coating is well worth the investment off your vehicle.

we use ceramic pro which is the best product that there is to offer which is the only product that comes with warranty and gets reported to Carfax which means the value of the vehicle goes up. for any questions feel free to call text or email


Protect from Harmful UV Rays

Our ceramic coating will help your car’s paint from fading and turning dull due to the harmful UV rays. If you opt for our ceramic coating services, you don’t have to worry about parking your car outside.

Protect from Chemical Stains

Our expert technicians do ceramic coating in such as way that can protect your car from any chemical contamination that leads to wearing off a car’s paint.

Easy to Cleaning

Our ceramic coating will allow you to wash your car without any worry about wearing off the polymer. We are highly recommended as the best ceramic coating service provider in Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau & Long Island.

Stunning Look

Along with optimal protection, our ceramic coating will provide a long term shine to your vehicle that you cannot accomplish with the wax protection.